Residential & Restorative Care for Traumatic Brain Injured (TBI) Adults


Windsor Place is a Salem, Oregon residential facility specializing in TBI care with a strong commitment to rehabilitative goals designed to enable adults with traumatic brain injuries to achieve their highest level of personal independence in a stable and caring setting.

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Excellent staff results in excellent care!

Windsor Place nurtures an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect which allows us to attract and retain quality, caring staff through every level of the organization. We believe that dignity and respect are the basic foundations of care at every level of the organization, and that ongoing encouragement and support helps those we serve to realize their highest level of independence and greatest potential.

Windsor Place has a commitment to training and investing in our staff which confirms our commitment to provide the highest level of
care and customer service. Windsor Place employees receive regular training in CPR, crisis prevention, first aid, medication administration and behavioral support services where applicable. Continuing education and routine competency assessments provide ongoing opportunities for improvement. We are committed to training and encouraging the development of Certified Brain Injury Specialists within our company and throughout the industry.


The Windsor Place Facility has a 24-hour waking staff in 3-eight hour shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All staff, regardless of previous care giving experience, must train for 40 hours on the floor under the direction of the Assistant Director, after which they must successfully pass a medical management test administered by the Executive Director before being allowed to pass medications unassisted.

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